Base Jumper Makes Scottish History

Once a Marine, always a Marine. That quote was proven true once again by Tim Howell, a professional base jumper that was formally a Royal Marine for the United Kingdom. This young man would ascend to the highest peak in Scotland, wait until the clouds clear, and fly through the skies on his wingsuit. It marks a notable moment that sees Howell make the longest wingsuit jump in Scotland’s history.

It would take 80 Seconds from the point of jumping from the peak to reaching the ground in North-West Highlands, Scotland. Tim Howell was delighted & relieved to make the historical claim of being the 1st skydiver to leap this Scottish mountain, using nothing more than a wingsuit & parachute.

When questioned by local news outlets on the experience, Tim Howell mentioned that when reaching the bottom & after checking his safety, an overflowing rush of excitement came over him. Tim emphasized that as a former Royale Marine in the UK Army, this was the most ambitious action he’s ever committed. The experience itself wasn’t scary for Howell, and that the excitement didn’t come over him until reaching the ground. Those 80 Seconds in the air were dedicated towards concentration alone, with Scotland’s mountains infamous for creating unfavourable weather systems in moments.

UK’s Most Extreme Sport

Regardless of where the action is carried out, base jumping is one of the most extreme sports anyone can undertake. It’s regarded as the most challenging sport in the United Kingdom because of unfavourable weather conditions, and minimal spots for landing that are deemed acceptable. The few options available became even fewer amid the COVID-19 Pandemic, emphasizing that Tim Howell could select from one of five locations in the United Kingdom.

This Somerset Base Jumper noted that the most he could do before taking off were calm his emotions, nerves, and body. He calculated his data, accounted for years of experience, and used all his training to maintain the margin. Tim Howell finalized his statements by revealing that after he’d supported these actions, confidence to complete the jump returned at the North-West Highlands Mountain.