Vettel Discusses Worst Season in Formula One

Scuderia Ferrari & the Tifosi Gang witnessed an unfortunate end to Sebastian Vettel’s career with the prancing horses. Normal placements obtained by Vettel since joining the Italian outfit five years ago weren’t sustained in 2020. The worst positions acquired by Sebastian Vettel in his Formula One career were continually seen, with a singular podium acquired by the German driver.

Career lows were sustained by Sebastian Vettel because of Scuderia Ferrari couldn’t develop a championship-contending car. Ferrari dropped from the second highest-rated team to eighth. Last season marked the worst in Scuderia Ferrari’s for decades, with both Vettel & Leclerc struggling to ascertain the poor performance of their vehicles. Leclerc would outperform Sebastian because Scuderia Ferrari put more development into his vehicle, creating noticeable changes between Vettel’s SF1000 & Leclerc’s. Internal arguments prompted by Team Boss Mattia Binotto saw evident favouritism towards the younger driver, with Vettel being sidelined.

Sebastian Vettel wouldn’t obtain another podium until Mattia Binotto didn’t attend the Turkish Grand Prix race weekend. This proved that strategies were purposely favouring Charles Leclerc & forcing Vettel into lower positions. It resulted in Sebastian’s worst placement in the Driver’s Championship to date at P13. Statements issued by Vettel reflect minimal resentment towards Scuderia Ferrari & Mattia Binotto, with Sebastian reflecting he’d learnt much about himself during the last campaign.

Vettel Looks Back on 2020

Reporters questioned Vettel on his reflections towards the final season with Scuderia Ferrari, where Sebastian wished the prancing horses luck towards future campaigns. Vettel then reflected that for himself, processing the overall season was needed & believes it’s allowed clarity for whatever comes next. Mention was made towards the difficult year behind Formula One but excitement towards what’s coming next with Aston Martin Racing in 2021. Vettel joins Aston Martin Racing as their primary driver for 2021, where he’ll partner alongside Lance Stroll & contest Mercedes for podium positions.