Hamilton Participates in Ricciardo’s Podium Tradition

An unexpected driver participated in an iconic & loved podium tradition from Daniel Ricciardo. After receiving his 2nd podium with Renault, Ricciardo took off his racing shoe & poured champagne into the heel. Before getting the opportunity to enjoy his victory drink, Lewis Hamilton would inform the Australian he’d like to participate. It’s a big difference of mindset after considering Hamilton was previously disgusted at the concept.

Daniel Ricciardo saw his last podium finish during the Eifel Grand Prix at Nürburgring Circuit in Germany. The Australian hadn’t expected he’d acquire a single podium with Renault during 2020s start, with Ricciardo being blessed two podium finishes after completing the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix at Imola Circuit in Italy. Acquiring these victories marks Ricciardo’s first since leaving Red Bull Racing after the 2018 campaign.

When Daniel saw that Lewis Hamilton wanted to share a drink with him, Australian style, Ricciardo couldn’t deny the six-time champion. Ricciardo spoke with SkySports after the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, expressing that before drinking his “Shoey”, Lewis Hamilton informed him to remove his other racing shoe. Daniel recalled three years prior when Hamilton stated he’d never participated in that method of drinking. During the 2017 season, Hamilton said you could force me & he’d spit it out before ever swallowing.

It’s surprised Daniel that Lewis changed his mindset on drinking a “Shoey”. He didn’t deny Hamilton, taking off his other shoe & pouring some champagne for the British superstar. Lewis evoked that the taste was similar to days-old warm jam & that it’s something he would do again. Hamilton was also happy to receive approval from Ricciardo’s mother, who stated the Brit is a true sportsman & the quality of Formula One.

Changes Are Coming

Formula One supporters were excited to see Daniel Ricciardo & Lewis Hamilton drink together on the podium. It’ll be a historic moment remembered for the 2020 F1 Campaign. This season could be memorable for numerous reasons, with Lewis Hamilton confirming after the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix that his future in Formula One isn’t cemented & that he might not be driving in 2021. Losing what’ll be the seven-time world champion, and most prominent winner in F1 history would drastically change the F1 paddock.