Albon Available for Loan in F1

Social media has become the prominent source for Formula One to understand what supports desire with upcoming season. Opinions expressed via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook enable motorsport teams like Red Bull Racing to assess which drivers are needed for the upcoming campaign. Social media is attributed into the decision, with driver performance & growth being accounted at greater folds. Combining these two attributes allowed Red Bull Racing to determine Alex Albon isn’t needed for Formula One’s 2021 campaign.

The Vietnamese-British driver will instead enter the reserve position. However, it’s becoming increasingly unlikely that Albon is regaining his secondary driver placement at Red Bull. Statements issued by Helmut Marko (Second-in-Command at Red Bull Racing) notified that RBR is willing to loan Alexander Albon to another team for 2022. This indicates that Albon’s replacement of Mexico’s Sergio Perez will sustain his placement at Red Bull Racing for a minimum of two seasons.

The differences between Alex Albon & Sergio Perez are evidently clear to anyone that watches Formula One. Perez has excelled at over-performing every vehicle gifted to the Mexican driver, while Alex Albon struggles to grasp the skillsets needed to acquire championship contention in Formula One. Officially speaking, Sergio Perez has a one-year contract with Red Bull Racing. It appears a second year is inevitable after Helmut Marko confirmed Albon will likely be loaned. Nobody inquiring for Alex Albon’s services in 2022 will results in his continued placement as reserve & test driver, or an immediate termination from RBRs racing program.

Test & Reserve Driver

Helmut Marko worked towards elevating any concerns regarding Albon’s position with the team, reflecting that Alexander will play a prominent role towards Red Bull Racings development in 2022. He’ll become responsible for testing all tyre compounds for 2022, with a variety of separate tests planned. Helmut Marko also plans for Alexander Albon to sustain days worth of simulator experience before placement into RBR again is considered. His sentiments contradict the former, leading most to believe Marko doesn’t have faith in Alex Albon to perform.