Formula One Halo Saves Life of Driver

It’s the third final race for Formula One & everyone is expecting a conventional Grand Prix, with Bahrain International Circuit lined up for contention. This is a track regularly seen in Formula One & drivers are all familiar with what’s required to sustain pace at Bahrain. Nobody could’ve anticipated what would happen seconds after the first lap begin. Romain Grosjean from Haas crashed when exiting the third corner, with his suspension failing. This prompted Romain’s vehicle to move right at 250km/h & smash into the barrier. Romain’s Haas pierced the barrier, causing his reserve fuel to explode upon impact.

Grosjean avoided likely death thanks to an FIA-Approved safety feature named the “Halo”. Introduced during the Hybrid Era of Formula One, most drivers didn’t believe this safety feature was required until November 29th. Nineteen individuals learned that the Halo avoid drivers being decapitated. These drivers sat sidelined after the Bahrain Grand Prix was red-flagged, waiting almost twenty minutes to determine if Romain had survived the impact. When the footage was released of Grosjean leaving his Haas VF-20, it’d be revealed that Romain took eighteen seconds to exit his flaming vehicle after the collision. This showed how safety had improved tenfold for Formula One in the last ten years.

After removing himself from the Haas VF-20, Romain Grosjean was met by FIA Medical Personnel & Head Doctor Ian Roberts. Grosjean was informed to enter the safety vehicle & prepare for helicopter transfer to Bahrain’s Defence Force Hospital. It’d be revealed hours later that Grosjean had sustained burns on his backhands.

Thanks Issued

Video footage of Romain Grosjean was posted to Instagram late into the evening of November 29th, where the Haas driver thanks FIA for approving the Halo & informed them that without this substantial innovation, he wouldn’t be alive to provide his thanks. Considering few drivers have thanked the FIA for innovating a specific safety measure, it shows the importance of this message from Grosjean.