Daniel Ricciardo Unmoved by Renault Improvements

Improvements seen in Renault F1 Racing hasn’t phased Daniel Ricciardo, Renos #1 driver for the remainder of 2020. Motorsport journalists questioned the “Honey Badger” on potential regret for leaving Renault after 2020 & moving to McLaren Racing for 2021. Daniel Ricciardo responded by emphasizing improved pace of Renault hasn’t changed his mindset on McLaren and hasn’t once had 2nd thoughts.

Daniel “Honey Badger” Ricciardo wasn’t malicious in his statements. Renault F1 Racing promised Daniel a championship-winning vehicle back in 2018, prompting the Australian to leave Red Bull Aston Martin Racing. His decision would backfire then & Ricciardo would be provided with a horrendous car throughout the 2019 F1 Season. 2020 has seen minor improvements with Renault, as Daniel Ricciardo has begun regularly placing 4th.

Will History Repeat?

McLaren’s Carlos Sainz & Lando Norris have struggled to obtain podium contention in the last three Grand Prix’s, with Renault’s new diffuser enabling downforce capabilities that have seen speed improvements. Some are beginning to question if history is repeating for Ricciardo, and if McLaren becomes worse in 2021 & Renault will improve.

Renault Team Boss Cyril Abiteboul has expressed disappointment towards Daniel Ricciardo’s departure. However, both parties understand that Renault’s promise to provide the Honey Badger with a championship-winning car was never sustained. Patience hasn’t been a virtue for Daniel Ricciardo, and often his decision to leave a team early results in failure.

Circulating rumours suggest that both Carlos Sainz & Daniel Ricciardo are disappointed with their decision to switch teams. If Fernando Alonso weren’t returning to Formula One with Renault in 201, a potential reversal of contracts could be sustained. Ricciardo & Sainz waited longer than likely possible to discuss their discontent with signing. The maximum period is conventionally thirty days, which has passed.

Daniel’s Statement

Ricciardo emphasized that he means zero disrespect towards Renault and is pleased that their progress has occurred throughout 2020. Daniel “Honey Badger” Ricciardo hope that McLaren & Renault can push each other to perform better throughout the 2021 F1 Campaign. It’d enable both teams’ better opportunity for championship contention in 2022, the year where Formula One changes regulations & real racing resumes.