Five Million Copies Sold for Ghosts of Tsushima

The Sony Computer Company never anticipated that Sucker Punch’s “Ghosts of Tsushima” would become the 2020s most influential game. Naughty Dog’s highly anticipated sequel to the Last of Us was meant to dominate the markets this summer. However, criticism surrounding the storyline prompted this games immediate demise & low sale margins. Sucker Punch stepped in to save quarterly profits for their parent company, Sony Computer Entertainment. Their saviour game with Ghosts of Tsushima.

Representatives with Sony confirmed that since launching in July 2020, Ghosts of Tsushima had sold five million copies. This information was awarded to the New York Times, evoking that previous games from Sucker Punch’s portfolio hadn’t exceeded that volume of sales in a small timeframe. It means that influential games like Infamous One & Two hadn’t seen the margin of profits that Ghosts of Tsushima obtained. It displayed the prominent growth Sucker Punch has sustained in recent years.

Representatives with Sony Computer Entertainment were questioned by the New York Times on the PS4s lifespan, with the interview regarding the November 12th launch of PlayStation5. Media personnel clarified that Sony attributes their apparent success throughout the last generation by developing exclusive titles, with God of War & Ghosts of Tsushima being two games that dominated sale records in recent years.

Fastest-Selling Game in PlayStation History

Ghosts of Tsushima is the fastest-selling IP from PlayStation that’s been downloaded on the digital store. 1.9 Million downloads have been sustained, with the previous record holder being “Day’s Gone” from 2019. That title from SIE Bend Studios would maintain 1.3 Million downloads via the digital store within two months. It means 600+ thousand other gamers selected Ghosts of Tsushima in the same timeframe. That’s not shocking when considering that “Day’s Gone” was a critical letdown for reviewers & gamers. Players wanting to test their hands-on Ghosts of Tsushima can purchase it today for $79.99 on the PSN Store.