Nintendo Disappoints Mario Fans

The Nintendo Company is continuing its highly criticized way of “Enhancing” older games for the Switch consoles. Multiple titles from the Nintendo Wii & WiiU have been ported to their latest handheld console, which isn’t graphically upgraded but instead receive HD Support. Nintendo has received backlash from fans & reviewers for repeating this process multiple times, then having the audacity to charge $79.99 for games their customers have previously purchased for a lower cost. It’s blatantly taking advantage of consumers, which has happened again during the Nintendo Direct – Mario 35th Anniversary Digital Event. Multiple games were announced that have been previously seen.

The most notable re-release is Super Mario 3D World for the Nintendo WiiU, which released previously in 2013. It enabled players to engage in platformer levels with local friends. Hardly anything has changed from the 2013 & 2020 versions of Super Mario 3D World, with Nintendo allowing developers to add a new “Catsuit” which adds new gameplay components that have a minor effect. Gamers can climb trees & scratch enemies with the ‘Catsuit” in 2021.

The Disgusting Business Strategies of Nintendo

It should be mentioned that Nintendo is releasing “Bowser’s Fury” with the re-release of Super Mario 3D World, which adds new levels to the previous game. However, the visual design between the new levels is a drastic difference than what’s seen in the original game. It leaves an off-putting inconsistency between the two titles. Those wanting to play this “Enhanced” version must fork-out $79.99 for years to come, with Nintendo refusing to lower prices on their proprietary games.

Nintendo didn’t stop with Super Mario 3D World. There’ll also be the “Super Mario 3D All-Star Collection”, which comprises of three games from the past. Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario 64 are all being re-released in their standard visual formats on September 18th for $79.99. It should be mentioned that Super Mario 64 is 24 Years Old & can be played freely on numerous online emulators, similar to all other games Nintendo announced this weekend.

Furthermore, those emulators have downloadable enhancements that increase the resolution & enhance the gameplay of each respective title mentioned above. Purchasing Nintendo’s version is pointless, and a blatant scheme to acquire the consumer’s money during the COVID-19 Era.