Mafia Trilogy Being Remastered

Gamers everywhere were shocked by the announcement that the Mafia Trilogy was receiving a boxset remaster, with the initial teaser made on May 13th. The full reveal is coming on May 19th and will provide greater insight into what new features are being enlisted into this remaster.

The teaser video showcased voice recordings from the main characters in each respective game. It showed Lincoln Clay from the 3rd instalment, and Vito Scaletta from the 2nd entry make formal appearances. Video evidence and screenshots provided by 2K Games revealed an enhanced version of this title. Graphics for the original Mafia game have increased drastically, exceeding the title of remastering and more along the lines of a remake.

Minor adjustments have been implemented into the 2nd & 3rd instalments in this franchise, which released considerably earlier than the original version. Their graphic fidelity of the two sequels was substantially better than its predecessor. Details regarding the release date were provided with this teaser, allowing consumers to obtain this title on August 27th or 28th depending on your region.

The initial entry in the Mafia franchise was released in 2002 for the personal computer, with its respective port to consoles coming in 2004. The graphics were shocking for the period and told a cinematic story that was portrayed through an open-world title. It was inspired by the Mafia landscape of the 1930s in Chicago, where a specialized burrow named “Lost Heaven” is displayed. The crime drama centres around the Italian Mob, with the title character being named Tommy Angelo.

Possible Sequel

Dedicated supporters behind this franchise have continuously requested that another trilogy in the Mafia franchise be developed. Ideas often centre around the concept of the Irish Mob, who held formidable power in New York City. This would create a unique landscape for the developers at 2K Games, as multiple mobs were prevalent in NYC during the 1930s to ’70s. Additional factions that could compete against the Irish include the Italians and Russians. Unfortunately, there hasn’t ever been any indication that an additional sequel into this franchise will be created. Fans will have to settle for the Mafia Trilogy Remaster for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.