Future Games Show Being Hosted by Nolan North

June 6th marks the date that the Futures Games Show will be hosted by two of the industries most notable voice actors. Nolan North and Emily Rose are the two individuals selected to host this year’s digital festivities. They’re known for playing characters in the Uncharted Franchise, with Nolan North being the man behind Nathan Drake. Emily Rose is infamous for playing Elena Fisher, the woman who’d inevitably become this treasure hunter’s wife.

Fans shouldn’t expect either to reprise their characters in a live performance. This wouldn’t be accomplished unless PlayStation Studios was designing Uncharted five under the Naughty Dog Studio. It’s officially been confirmed that a 5th instalment into the franchise isn’t expected for a prolonged period, with Naughty Dog focusing on “The Last of Us Two”. When the day arises that a 5th instalment is released to dedicated fans of this franchise, it’ll immediately become a “PlayStation Classic”.

The Futures Games Show informed their viewers of their upcoming hosts. The announcement stated that COVID-19 is the current adventure for Nate & Elana, with them having to assist their local community by creating an entertaining game show. FGS 2020 hopes that the assistance of Nolan North and Emily Rose will uplift the spirits of gamers everywhere. It could also prompt a new wave of imagination behind the Uncharted franchise.

When questioned on how Emily Rose feels about her upcoming hosting position at FGS 2020, she noted her excitement towards this digital venue. Her excitement derives from the fun that Emily & Nolan North typically have when meeting up with each other. She stressed that announcing all the upcoming games in 2020 with Nathan Drake makes it that much better.

Where & Where?

Those wanting to witness these two notable voice actors return in-person at the Futures Game Show – 2020 Edition, can see the live stream on June 6th at 5:30 Pm Eastern Central Time. This stream is supported on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and GamesRadar. Expect notable announcements from some of the highest-rated developers in the industry. This could include new gameplay footage regarding Cyberpunk 2077, or Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.