Avowed Announced by Obsidian Entertainment

Obsidian Entertainment is quickly becoming a dominating developer in the video game industry. Their most recent creation, “The Outer Worlds”, was released in Late 2019. Hiatus periods are commonly associated with studios to innovate their minds towards a new project. Obsidian Entertainment chose the opposite, announcing during the “2020 Xbox Play Event” their latest game. This title is named Avowed & will centre around a fantasy setting with roleplaying mechanics. It’ll be exclusive for the Xbox Series X, and Gaming PCs.

It’s known that Avowed is centred into the same universe as “Pillars of Eternity One & Two”, meaning the world of Eora. The original games in this world were 2D Sidescrollers & the latest rendition, which is slated to release for 2022, will introduce 3D Graphics that are created off an entirely new engine for Next-Generation Consoles. Gameplay mechanics include spellcasting & swordplay, which is conventional with fantasy-themed titles. Reviewing the trailer released days ago doesn’t reveal many details, only showing minor glimpses of Avowed’s undertones and aesthetic.

Avowed doesn’t have an official release date for the Xbox One or Xbox Series X. The graphical capabilities associated with Avowed suggest that it’ll be an exclusive released during 2022 for the Xbox Series X. This marks the year where Microsoft will stop release games for their current console, hoping through this method that they’ll fast-track the growth the Xbox Series X.

The History & Future of Obsidian Entertainment

Microsoft acquired Obsidian Entertainment in November 2018, with the two companies have developed three titles already. Their most prominent release is Outer Worlds, which shares similarities to Fallout: New Vegas considerably. Both of these titles would define the growth of Obsidian Entertainment. It should be clarified that with the announcement of Avowed, it’s unlikely that Outer Worlds will receive a sequel.

Those familiar with Obsidian Entertainment have actively awaited their 4th game with Microsoft’s backing, which is named Grounded. It’ll be available on all major platforms like the Xbox and PlayStation starting on July 28th. Obsidian describes Grounded as a co-operatives survival game that shrinks players to unbelievable levels. Those players are tasked with traversing their backyard & locating freedom, ultimately unshrinking yourself.