The Outer Worlds – Nintendo Switch Edition

Both renditions of the Nintendo Switch have grown in popularity over the COVID-19 Pandemic. Portability with these consoles allows for families to social distance from their respective rooms. Thousands of games are available on the Nintendo Switch eStore, including notable titles like Doom and Wolfenstein. Another franchise is slated to release onto the Nintendo Switch, with this game previously being released to the PS4 and Xbox One in 2019. It should be noted that a graphical downgrade was implemented to ensure this title runs smoothly on the Nintendo Switch.

Switch owners can purchase “The Outer Worlds” on June 5th. Those informed about this game’s release to the Nintendo Switch expected the initial launch date to be March 6th. Postponements were implemented following the COVID-19 Pandemic, which prompted worldwide shipping efforts to enter the “Essential Stage”. Physical copies of The Outer Worlds couldn’t be shipped to North America, the European Union, or Asia.

Officers operated by Obsidian Entertainment & Private Division have remained closed since March, meaning that developers weren’t provided access to their regular working computers. After the virus conditions became to settle slowly, these developers received their workstations at their home doorsteps. Development resumed and allowed Obsidian Entertainment to announce the updated June 5th release date.

The Day One Update

Physical copies of The Outer Worlds will be limited, meaning it’s recommended that consumers pre-order their copy immediately. Retailers like Best Buy and GameStop are slated to receive a maximum of 50 copies per location. It should be noted that regardless of which version of this game is select, physical, or digital, the download size is identical. There will also be an immediate “Day One Update” that increases the fidelity of Hi-Res Textures, Optimizes Gameplay, and Resolves Bugs. Obsidian Entertainment clarified that The Outer Worlds – Nintendo Switch Edition, will receive yearly support from their developers until a sequel is released.

Reviews on The Outer Worlds – PS4 & Xbox One Edition, indicate that the graphical integrity of this title resembles an artistic landscape. The None-Playable-Characters are advanced and support extensive conversation capabilities. When you account these attributes with the formidable narrative that takes you across our solar system, The Outer Worlds becomes highly desirable.