Nintendo Hacker Finally Arrested

After multiple years of the Nintendo Corporation fighting with the United States Department of Justice, it was confirmed that the California-based individual that hacked their servers had been arrested. This man stole confidential files that allowed him to learn information regarding the Nintendo Switch, which he would then post on various online forums. It caused numerous leaks regarding the system before Nintendo had their official launch date. This individual was Ryan Hernandez, who now stands at the age of twenty-one. During 2019, he broke into encrypted files as an associate for the Nintendo Corporation. He was provided with the right to walk freely after federally promising not to commit any form of hacking moving forward.

From June 2018 to June 2019, Ryan Hernandez re-accessed the corporate servers of Nintendo and stole additional information about the Switch Lite. He boasted about his actions through various online threads such as Discord, Twitter & his personalized website named “Ryan’s Underground Hangout”. He conversed with hundreds of individuals regarding future products from Nintendo’s lineup and provided confidential information to unknown individuals on how to hack these servers again moving forward. Those vulnerabilities that gained him substantial information were shared to many online hackers through the dark web. Subsequently, the Nintendo Corporation will be hacked again at some point, moving forward.

Before being taken into custody, this young criminal tried to create another series of rumours regarding the Nintendo Corporation. Accessing his personalized website for a final time, he told individuals that Nintendo would create a specialized model exclusively for the Xbox Corporation. These rumours were immediately proven false by both Nintendo and Microsoft. It shows the small actions of somebody that knew he’d be taken down by law enforcement.

The Punishment Ensues

When it’d been revealed that Ryan Hernandez had hacked Nintendo’s servers for a second time, he was immediately taken into the possession of law enforcement. This extended to various personal belongings, including his laptops and mobile phone. Researching these devices, the Federal Bureau of Investigations learned that Hernandez had collected a substantial form of child pornography from the dark web that he’d encrypted. These criminal actions have prompted him five years in prison for hacking the Nintendo Severs, which follows with a $260 thousand fine. An additional twenty years were handed to Ryan Hernandez for holding child pornography. After admitting guilty to both of these criminal actions, Ryan Hernandez will now spend twenty-five years in prison. He will be 46-years-old before being returned into society; the year will be 2046.