PlayStation Fives Uncharted

The PlayStation 5 is anticipated to release during the 2020 Holiday Season. Already fans are speculating which games will be released in correlation with this console. Though rumours indicate this isn’t a reality, fans have expressed their hope that the Uncharted Franchise will return with Sony’s 5th gaming console. Uncharted was a critically acclaimed series, which spanned three consoles and saw fans take on numerous adventures. It’s a game that enticed players with explosive storylines, intricate puzzles, and incredible running/gunning. With the closing development cycle for the last of us 2, Naughty Dog doesn’t appear to have a new Uncharted game in development. Regardless, this doesn’t mean that the Indiana Jones-Esc character can’t return in some capacity. That or other characters from the series, such as Chloe Fisher or Sam Drake.

The Games Lasting Effect

It’s been three years since the final entry in Nathan Drake’s story was released and two years since Chloe Fisher’s storyline began. Since those two campaigns, multiple console games have followed their gameplay elements. The most recent series that drew significant comparisons to Uncharted was Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. That game has sold drastically well in the last four weeks, indicating that fans still desire this gameplay momentum. However, real fanatics of Uncharted have claimed that Star Wars couldn’t recreate what Naughty Dog accomplished in six games. We agree with the faithful supporters of Uncharted.

When the franchise confirmed that no other entries would be released on the PlayStation 4, more than 41 million copies had sold. It’s the best selling PlayStation Exclusive Series in existence, beating out the previous titleholder, God of War. Every new iteration of the game has prompted international appeal, with the game being bundled into a PlayStation 4 Console Package. Subsequently, it would be not very intelligent for PlayStation not to enforce another Uncharted onto Naughty Dog Studios. Most anticipated that there is a secret study currently working on the beginning stages for Uncharted 5, which could see the return of Nathan’s Daughter and his brother Sam.