The Best Adventure Activities in Warsaw, Poland

While Warsaw expands into a modern trendy city, more and more adventurous activities are created in the process. If the city’s coolest museums, fine restaurants, and hidden sports bars aren’t enough, then you’re in the right place. Let’s take a look at the most exciting and exhilarating adventure activities you can enjoy in the capital of Poland.

Indoor Skydiving

Even though Poland offers nowhere near the same calibre of adventure sports that you’ll find in New Zealand, they do provide an indoor diving centre in Mory. Here, you can look forward to an indoor skydiving lesion after you gear up and go through a short briefing. This is accomplished through a wind tunnel that is used as a vacuum, allowing you to ply both up and down with a guide. Afterwards, you can grab a video of yourself and watch it while enjoying a cold beer at the bar.

Old Factory Paintball

Paintball is undoubtedly not for the faint-hearted, offering you the glorious opportunity to shoot your friends with a variety of colourful pellets. Paintball can be enjoyed in forests or designated areas. However, in Poland, you can enjoy a game of paintball in an ancient factory to enrich the overall atmosphere. With more running and shooting involved than ever, it’s worth trying.

Escape Room

If you are a puzzle solver as much as you are a thrill-seeker, you’ll enjoy the experience of being tasked to escape a locked room in the middle of the city. With a host of options and themes, the Warsaw escape room experience provides a unique opportunity to test your wits to get back into the real world. The experience can last an entire day, and there are two venues to choose from. Are you smart enough to escape?

Speed Dating

This might not be the first adventurous activity that comes to mind when you are a thrill seeker in Poland, but it will get your heart pumping when you realize that you can meet more than 20 people in just under 90 minutes. You are given a few minutes to impress a wide range of dates where men move to the next table, while women wait for the next male to arrive. This can lead to something more, especially when you find another thrill-seeker at the end of the night.

Bungee Jumping

This is undoubtedly one of the most thrilling experiences in the world, and you’ll be pleased to know that Warsaw is a city that also offers this once-in-a-lifetime activity. You can visit the Wola district in the city to test your nerves. You will jump off a platform that is virtually 90 meters in the air thanks to a custom-built tower. You will also be impressed by the price of this activity, only setting you back a mere $40 to see if you have what it takes to call yourself brave.