Formula One’s Race Calendar for 2021

Grand Prix’s in Formula One are some of the most exciting forms of motorsport racing known to mankind, with that volume of excitement slated to increase with the 2021 Campaign. It’s been announced by F1 CEO Chase Carey that 23 Grand Prix’s are being held in the upcoming season, with a new event being designated with the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. Confirmation regarding the Vietnam Grand Prix saw the circuit postponed by an entire year, with Zandvoort still being permitted alongside a Triple-Head. It hasn’t been detailed which Grand Prix is replacing Vietnam, with some wondering if an outdated circuit like the Nürburgring will be selected again.

Team personnel in Formula One have evoked that the upcoming season is almost impossible to accomplish, with travelling crew & mechanics not being provided ample time for resting under this schedule. Chase Carey informed team personnel that an unannounced strategy is being created to resolve that problem, with inside sources indicating that a secondary unit of mechanics & crew members will be permitted for each team.

Ignorance of Chase Carey

CEO Chase Carey spoke to media personnel via a virtual meeting, where he would clarify that the Formula One community is looking forward towards the 2021 Campaign & beyond. New locations being selected won’t likely sustain longer than one season, with Formula One selecting to increase the Grand Prix count to increase monetary compensation.

Chase Carey had initially wanted to increase the seasonal count to 25 Grand Prix’s. Weeks later he would be forced to resign from the role, with Carey receiving regular backlash from Formula One. The last two leaders have changed the sport from true competition into a monetary powerhouse, with Bernie Ecclestone starting the problem & Chase Carey finalizing it.

Chase Carey believes it’s possible to continue operations in 2021 without any postponements or delays from Covid-19. It’s this continued thinking that prompted his inevitable forced removal from the role of F1 Chief Executive Officer.