PlayStation Limiting Game Download Speeds

Jim Ryan from the Sony Company confirmed that the PlayStation Network is limiting download speeds throughout North America and the European Union. This follows after the Covid-19 Pandemic has forced millions worldwide into self-isolation. An increased percentage of players was immediately seen, with bored gamers finding new ways to occupy themselves. This often includes downloading new games for an exciting experience, which will now be prolonged to ensure that internet speeds aren’t downgraded for medical researchers.

Medical researchers worldwide are using the most reliable and most effective computing networks, trying to locate solutions to create a vaccine for Covid-19. The process has become slower with the overwhelming level of consumers accessing the internet for gaming or streaming purposes. Sony was forced to limit the PlayStation Network Download Speeds after federal governments made requests.

Sony was the last gaming company to limit their download speeds, with Microsoft’s Xbox being the 1st. However, they had a more significant percentage of online activity and saw their networks crash twice throughout a several day period. Similar issues weren’t soon on the PlayStation Network, indicating that Sony hasn’t been as overwhelmed. It’s now expected that downloading games through PSN will take upwards of two-days depending on internet speeds. Jim Ryan noted that multiplayer speeds aren’t being downgraded though, ensuring that titles like Modern Warfare or Grand Theft Auto won’t have server problems.

Europe’s Demands

The Canadian and American Governments requested that gaming corporations like Xbox or Sony limit their download speeds. However, when it applies to the European Union, this wasn’t a request but a demand. Legislative orders were provided to Sony and Microsoft from the Internal Market Services Commission. They demanded that all streaming services on their consoles be limited, that download speeds be downgraded, and that multiplayer networks be turned off within a moments notice.

It’s prompted countless issues throughout the European Union for gamers, with politicians often throwing public shame towards the complainers. These individuals paid for their consoles and internet services; these limitations should be illegal. There isn’t even the chance that customers will be refunded for their lost internet services, with providers already confirming that monthly payments will continue to be required.