The Best Adventure Activities in Russia

Embarking on a vacation to Russia is already considered a unique adventure due to the language barrier and visa complications that come along with planning such a trip. Most tourists tend to limit their trip to Russia by only visiting the main cities, such as St. Petersburg and Moscow. However, there are far more adventure activities to enjoy in this beautiful country once you go off the beaten path, especially for adrenaline-seeking junkies.

Climb Mount Elbrus

Mount Elbrus is situated on the southwestern region of Russia, very close to the Georgia border in the Caucasus Mountains. If you decide to climb Mount Elbrus, you will necessarily experience one of the best adventure activities in Russia because you’ll be climbing the highest peak in Europe with an altitude of 5,640 meters. What makes this adventure so attractive is that it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to experience. The climb itself will be quite demanding due to the extreme weather conditions. However, if you have prior mountain climbing experience, this will be the perfect step-up if you visit Russia.

Diving in Ruskaela Marble Quarry

You can visit the marble quarry by embarking on a 5-hour drive if you happen to stay in St. Petersburg, which is located on the border of Finland. The marble that is located at the quarry was used in loads of palaces and cathedrals in and around the city. It’s a trendy tourist destination but has recently turned into a scuba diving location. The water is crystal-clear and is easily visible up to 18 meters. In some parts of the quarry, you can dive down to around 70 meters. We recommend that you buy a dry suit before you dive into the water as temperatures can easily be about 4 to 7 degrees Celsius.

Hike in the Altai Region

There’s no denying that Russia is a gigantic country, offering loads of adventures and activities with one of them being hiking. You will notice that there are hundreds of unique places where you’ll be able to walk, each filled with mountains and reserves along with unforgettable scenery in each hiking trip you embark on. However, we highly recommend that you take a hike in the Altai region where you’ll discover dense forests, ice-cold mountain rivers, colourful lakes, waterfalls, glaciers, and caves to mention but a few. It’s an enriching experience when you can take in so much beauty by merely walking across the countryside.

Rafting in the Beautiful Ural Region

The mountain chain in the Ural is a natural border between Asia and Europe. This vast, wild region provides tons of activities, especially when it comes to white river rafting. The Vishera river is undoubtedly the most popular river when it comes to rafting. You can opt-in for a 7-day trip to experience beauty as you’ve never seen before. The total distance of this trip is around 130km, giving you loads of time to experience Russia.