Sponsors Fighting Back for Sergio Perez

Corporations standing behind Sergio Perez have begun fighting against Sebastian Vettel, doing whatever’s required

2021 BlizzCon Expo Going Digital

The COVID-19 Pandemic inflicted the gaming industry in ways that’d never before been seen.

Xbox Game Pass Receives Rebrand

The Microsoft Company have found themselves in an unexpected & unfavourable position with its

Avowed Announced by Obsidian Entertainment

Obsidian Entertainment is quickly becoming a dominating developer in the video game industry. Their

Doctor Disrespect Seeking Legal Action Against Twitch

The Twitch banning of Doctor Disrespect became a prominent issue amongst fans of digital

Top Games Announced at Ubisoft Forward Livestream

July 12th marked the date when Ubisoft’s Forward Livestream was unveiled. Consumers were provided

Facebook Loses Two Additional Advertisers

Corporations worldwide have terminated their agreements with the Facebook Company, refusing to implement their

Microsoft is Closing Down Mixer

The Microsoft Company announced that their terminating all Servers for Mixer, a Video Streaming

Suicide Squad Game Teased by Warner Brothers

The Batman Video Game Saga from Rocksteady Studios is considered one of the greatest

Dean Hall Announces Icarus for PC

DayZ is an infamous battle royale game that brought considerably popularity to the shooter